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The Protagonists
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A global-wide experiment is in progress, and we are the guinea pigs.

Everyday, tons of chemicals are released into the environment, without ever knowing how toxic they are in the long term to the living organisms. Moreover: the majority of the 100 000 molecules developed since the World War II which are used in daily products have never been tested…

Some of them found their way into our bodies and into fetuses. Up to 247 toxic substances have been found in new-borns. We are today bequeathing our toxic load to our children along with our DNA!

In a hard-hitting investigation, carried out with intelligence and humor, director, Carole Poliquin, has her own blood tested and explores the links between those toxic substances and some rising health problems such as cancer, allergies, hyperactivity, infertility. Her findings are disturbing and strongly challenge our way of life.

Written and directed by: Carole Poliquin
Producers: Carole Poliquin et Isaac Isitan

Les productions ISCA inc.
6103 Jeanne-Mance
Montréal, Québec,
H2V 4K9